Updating reality…

Updating reality…

These EVIM’s motto and philosophy are more than just a phrase. The two words express the main idea of what we do at EVIM: things never can be left as they are, all over the world.

The infrastructure is that home and the native environment for every modern human living now and no one can survive without it saving the same level of one’s life quality. The infrastructure is that which provides us with ability to realize and increase our potential, to act and produce, live longer and healthier life, being interconnected with social and economic ties, creating new ideas and value.

With its static and active components it creates a framework and an engine for the development, for everyone, from each individual to communities, from nations to global society.

The infrastructure, with its buildings, energy, mobility, public spaces and equipment, services and supply chain, communications, access to knowledge and information, is that, what is created and improved by culture of mankind, layer by layer, year by year, for ages and millenniums. There’s no civilization of humanity without. The infrastructure is the product of unique ability of human beings to build what they need and to change the reality with own brains and hands, interacting with other ones.

It’s too harmful, expensive and sad to allow old problems still remain, it’s too impossible to leave things as they are, and too dangerous for to create new ones. It’s too foolish to ignore and not implement current opportunities achieved nowadays and too necessary to accelerate and spread every new best practice and opportunity. It’s too old fashioned not to cooperate in the amazing age where a good connection saves years to get the aim for better longer life. Nothing can be done by idea only, the attitude, activity and cooperation.

The Planet is one, the atmosphere and the sea are too, and there is no a place that doesn’t matter. If someone does wrong or remains indifferent, each one is affected. Everyone’s involved and connected. That’s why every effort has sense, every real action to improve creates positive impact, building new cultural layer free from many of rudimentary issues. The strength of mankind is to do new things together and it gives the hope to get main global issues and threats tackled.

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