Program of SSIDD Conference 2018 Kyiv

A joint discussion on acceleration of development the sustainable infrastructure complex in aspects of smart and sustainable urban planning and functional architecture of buildings, stimulating of zero emission transport use, integration of renewable energy sources, accessibility, digital solutions, creating shared and circular economy for better cities and economic success.

The roundtable will contain keynote speeches, Q&A and discussions.

9.00-9.30 Registration

9.30 Roundtable session: “Sustainable infrastructure: creating a happy user experience, new opportunities and economic success.”
Joint interdisciplinary view of infrastructure as an integrated environment for human life, development of society and economy: realities and future of growth, structure, strategy. Sharing and circular economy model of city. Challenges, achievements and experience in Ukraine, Central and East European countries.

  • Sustainable infrastructure development: business and market aspects
  • City as a human environment and a framework for economic activity
  • Sustainable urban planning: infrastructure for happy users’ experience and economic success
  • Sustainable buildings: how to implement in new projects and renovations. Ideas, practice and technology
  • Sustainable energy: potential of cities as generating facilities of the national energy grids
  • Sustainable transport: urban mobility, cities interconnection, supply and waste logistics
  • Accessibility or city for everyone. Effortless use of buildings and infrastructure

10.30 Break for coffee and networking

11.00 Roundtable session (continue): “Updating reality: making steps to the better infrastructure.”

11.00 Section 1: 
Static infrastructure as a framework:

  • City, Buildings, Accessibility
  • Right to safe environment and equal opportunities
  • Environment, Biodiversity and Ecological Network
  • Road network and pedestrian spaces

12.30 Time for lunch and networking. Exhibition review

13.30 Section 2: 
Active infrastructure as a function:

  • Sustainable Transport and Renewable Energy
  • Rights to energy and mobility
  • Digitalization and Infrastructure Interactivity
  • Traffic management and parking

15.00 SSIDD: Startup Presentations Program

16.00 Closing and thanks

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