SSIDD Conference 2017 Warsaw, October 27


Dear friends, we regret to inform you due to the technical circumstances the EVIM and SSIDD events in Poland could went out of our high standards of delivering the meeting formats. Being intended to continue doing things perfect only, we had to cancel the EVIM and SSIDD events in Poland in the current year. 

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SSIDD Conferences is a joint user centric view to function of Mobility, Energy and Infrastructure we live and work in, to accelerate their update and development creating a better place for life and economic success.

Updating reality:

City. Architecture. Energy. Mobility. Infrastructure… Connected!

The main attention of SSIDD conferences is concentrated on resolving infrastructure issues of city economies, through investments in sustainable development, choosing big (from B to B++) cities in the region of Central and East Europe, Baltic and Balkans countries as conferences venue locations.

The main goal is to get a systemic vision and dialog on development of smart and sustainable infrastructure, to accelerate the growth with a platform for discussion of plans, policies and regulations, technologies, market and projects.

SSIDD Conferences is about implementation of progressive technologies, installation of the newest equipment, sharing the best practices, successful policies and approaches in real cases.

Format: interdisciplinary expert roundtable

SSIDD Conferences is connecting investors, institutions, manufacturers, developers, architects, urban planners, engineers, solution providers and installers, software developers and system integrators to exchange their knowledge and experience to implement and integrate sustainable infrastructure solutions in practice of cities and real estate development objects of the region of Central Europe.

SSIDD Conference 2017 Warsaw is organised on the initiative of Estonian company GreenClinic LifeScience and is a part of SSIDD (EVIM Smart and Sustainable Infrastructure Development Days – Dni Rozwoju Inteligentnej i Zrównoważonej Infrastruktury) the special program of EVIM International Project organized for Central Europe region, EVIM SSIDD for Central Europe 2017, which is aimed to support practical efforts of national and local professional communities to get system infrastructural changes done by sharing their experience and the best practices.

The agenda:

  • City development: sustainable approach to planning of territories, building and function. Urban biodiversity and environment. Life quality and safety. (SDG 11)
  • Buildings: engineering and architectural integration of renewable energy sources, e-mobility and digital solutions (SDG 9)
  • Energy supply and consuming (SDG 7SDG 13). Changes in user/grid interaction and management. Renewable energy in a new electricity market context. New technologies and approaches of management. Prosumption practice.
  • Transport: e-Mobility for public transport, services, businesses and individuals. Powering e-mobility. Logistics. Emergency services logistics. Traffic management. (SDG 9SDG 11SDG 13)
  • Waste management and land rehabilitation.
  • Digitalization and interactivity of infrastructure (SDG 9)
  • Accessibility, removing obstacles and development of inclusive approach (SDG 8)

See here the PROGRAM detailed

Each topic is corresponding with respective sustainable development goals.

Key questions:

  • How cities are responding to global sustainable development goals (SDG)? Including goal 11: “Sustainable cities and communities”?
  • How the infrastructure helps better fulfill human rights and improve life quality?
  • What are the needs for improvement? What a positive experience of resolving is present?
  • How things should look like upon transition to more smart, sustainable, accessible and interactive infrastructure?
  • Which way societies are going and what practical steps will be done? How the infrastructure will help better fulfill human rights?
  • What new opportunities will be opened?
  • How business, NGOs and local communities can be involved?
  • What technologies and practices are available to be applied? Their benefits and disadvantages?
  • Which sources could be applied to finance the changes?
  • How sustainable brands are helpful in attracting investments?

EVIM SSIDD creates an opportunity for all the parties involved in development of infrastructure in the each of industries:

  • for stakeholders to define the problems and needs
  • for policymakers to present their vision of the best ways of development
  • for science and businesses to propose their technologies and products to be applied in nearest future’s solutions
  • for investors to define prospects, evaluate business models and get expert opinions directly
  • for experts to share their experience, get high quality of professional communication and key contacts
  • for startups to present their market changing innovations to the decision making audience

The event is designed to bring the sectors together in the aim to find solutions, forming proposals and initiate joint projects. Therefore, significant attention will be paid to creating an environment for professional communication and networking of participants, and among the presentations of speakers and invited guests.

Unique agenda and format of EVIM SSIDD are opening the quality of dialog has never appeared before.

EVIM SSIDD is organized in partnership with Renexpo Poland exhibition which space and the numerous audience is available for promotion of companies participating EVIM Smart and Sustainable Infrastructure Days with special attractive conditions.

Date: October 27, 2017

Venue: EXPO XXI, Prądzyńskiego 12/14, 01-222, Warsaw, Poland



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