Registration on SSIDD Conference 2017 Kyiv


Participants get:

  • deep awareness and knowledge, along with high quality of networking experience
  • an opportunity to have the influence on the development of the industry being at the key point of the policy making, business and professional dialogues
  • access: to the conference, the start-up presentation and to the hosting exhibition
  • participant package
  • coffee and cookies
  • 10% discount on advertising per year
  • 20% discount for membership in the international EVIM Community
  • 15% discount for participation in future EVIM events for 6 months in any country
  • 20% discount on EVIM business options

! Free of charge registration for: !

  • Diplomatic representatives and trade missions
  • Public and municipal institutions
  • Official and honorable guests
  • Partners and sponsors (get your additional options)
  • Press / Media (accreditation
  • Scientists

Register online just now

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