Keynote Speakers SSIDD conference 2017 Kyiv

Alexander Kucheravy
is an architect from Belarus. More than 10 years working with energy efficient projects using holistic approach. Became an active house verifier in april 2017. Participated in Active House Guidelines design in 2015. Realized two projects based on Active House principles. The first Multi-Comfort House in Belarus in 2013 and OptimaHouse in Ukraine in 2015. Absolutely shares sustainable development ideas. Implements Active House vision in his architectural practice with adaptation to local climate, culture, economic conditions. Since 2015 living and working in Ukraine.
Alexandra Gorbenko
Center of Supply & Logistics Management
Vasyl Shevchyk
PhD Biological Sciences, Research Fellow Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Mikhail Pluzhnikov
Assistant to MP, EV owner
Semen Polomanyi
architect, landscape architect, founder of Kyiv-based Zemlia design studio which creates sustainable landscapes in urban and peri-urban development. Now the studio is also working on implementing sustainable urban drainage systems.
Oleksadndr Skorokhod
PhD in molecular biology, research scientist at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Head of Young Scientists Council NAS of Ukraine, President of NGO «Unia Scientifica». Author of novels «UNIVERSE», «UnUsual profession ». Black belt (1st dan) Kiokyshin kai karate, marathon runner (10 marathons), triatlete.
Roman Tretiak
Candidate of economic sciences Expert public organization "League of land appraisers." He has published 26 scientific papers, including the co-author of three textbooks. An expert on the design of bicycle tourism routes in Ukraine. Blogger electric bike community.
Stanislav Gvozdikov
from September 2016 Chairman of the NGO "Development of infrastructure", which is registered and operates in the Kiev region. The main task is to ensure passenger rights and to form a unified transport system in the Metropolitan Region, which is in line with the world level of quality of transport services for the population and ensures: comfortable conditions of movement of the population, activation of the social and economic development of the Kiev region, growth of investment potential of Kyiv region.
Anna Kyrii
Founder and CEO of Anna Kyrii Architectural Projecting Group
Anna Bezborodova
Co-founder and CEO of Sirocco Energy. Working on the wind energy startup, which is aiming to decentralize urban power generation. Previous co-founder of a hardware startup incubator DIY Lab. Passionate about Sustainable Development Goals and positive impact initiatives. Was leading the biggest youth NGO AIESEC in Ukraine and Sweden, established two career guidance organizations.
Lyudmila Beregova
community activist, researcher of public spaces, ecovolunteer
Oleksandr Melnyk
President of GIS Association of Ukraine
Roman Pomazan
Architect, urban researcher and planner (Ukraine)
Oleg V.Boichun
Public Council of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine Vice-President of the Academy of Energy of Ukraine
Yuriy Dmitrishen
General Manager Charge Group LLC
Aleksandra Nasardinova
Tatiana Sakharuk
Tatiana Sakharuk has headed the Local Network of Global Compact in Ukraine since September 2016. Tatiana is quite a new person in Global Compact, but she is very enthusiastic about it. Her great passion is bringing GC ideas to business, letting them know how important their role may be in a sustanable development of their country.