Come to Kiev on the EVIM Ukraine 2016-Spring and speak directly to the people who create business environment, provide framework for innovation and develop this market in Ukraine and other countries. Even despite almost all opportunities of the EVIM Ukraine 2016-Spring are available on-line, we would still highly recommend you to be present there as it totally worth it.

Remote opportunities of the EVIM Ukraine 2016-Spring
The experience of the sustainable business practice of the EVIM Ukraine 2016-Spring organizing committee allows erase the distances and break the barriers on the way to Ukrainian EV market.

EVIM Ukraine 2016-Spring is created to reduce carbon footprint from human activity. The event itself supports these principles by maximizing achievement of the impact from the goals through a vast number of modern instruments. That is a reason we almost do not use the paper and provide high-end remote participation facilities in EVIM Ukraine 2016-Spring.

EVIM Ukraine 2016-Spring cuts the miles of distances to milliseconds of high speed video-conference, so that everyone who cannot physically attend the event has a chance to participate, take a speech, make a presentation and take part in panel from any place of the world.

Each online participant will be demonstrated on the screen while speaking or asking the questions. At the same time the speakers from the conference hall will be translated online.

Additional opportunities
Also event members will be able to arrange personal meetings or video connections with some of the participants they are interested in. Besides, our press will be available to take an interview and listen to the official statements of remote participants.

We invite you to join us remotely to have a wide range of abilities during the EVIM Ukraine 2016-Sring, such as video – communication with a representatives of business and public figures. We suggest you to order an additional video feed for the whole of your team right to your company’s office.

Moreover, we propose our participants to take a speech in front of the students of Kiev Universities (also may be available remotely).

On the 25th of March are planned the program of pre-arranged meetings for participants of EVIM Ukraine 2016-Sring.

Look for more options on the official webpage of the EVIM Ukraine 2016-Sring or contact the organizing committee: info@greenclinic.com.ua.