Smart and Sustainable Infrastructure Development Days (SSIDDays)


Smart and Sustainable Infrastructure Development Days (SSIDD) are lightweight, dynamic innovative events program with connected initiatives dedicated to acceleration of the development of sustainable infrastructure complex in aspects of supporting of smart and sustainable solutions and approaches in urban planning and functional architecture of buildings, stimulating of zero emission transport use, integration of renewable energy sources, accessibility, digital solutions, creating shared and circular economy for better cities and economic success.

Mission: shaping the infrastructure city by city all over the world, towards sustainable, smart, user friendly and safe for better life and economic success.

Each SSIDD creates its positive impact as an interdisciplinary collaboration platform connecting practical efforts of businesses and professionals, government and municipal institutions, cultural and environmental communities to get system infrastructural changes done by improving communication, exchanging the experience and sharing the best practices.

The main benefit of EVIM Smart and Sustainable Infrastructure Development Days (SSIDD) is a joint user centered view to function of Mobility, Energy and Infrastructure we live and work in, to accelerate their update and development creating a better place for life and economic success.

SSIDD is delivering:

  • to the participants – up-to-date concentrated knowledge and excellent networking
  • to the partners and sponsors – great awareness of their activity, achievements, sharing knowledge and benefits on their solutions and available offers
  • to the societies of the hosting cities and countries where SSIDDs are taking place – the practical real steps to transite to sustainable, accessible and user friendly infrastructure with a better pace.

Smart and Sustainable Infrastructure Development Days are aimed to have several locations and several dates a year in the capitals and large B++ cities of countries in the region from Baltic Sea to Balkans, and other locations, are being dedicated to create global positive impact by meeting actual growing needs of each hosting country and city where it is taking place.

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