How to bring the EVIM to my country

In order of realisation of the EVIM events global program of EVIM International Project, GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ is cooperating with the most successful and recognized companies on the markets of hosting countries. As a rule, we are selecting and establishing cooperation with two partners, one National Co-Organising Partner and one Hosting Exhibition Partner in each hosting country only. We are cooperating on the long term franchising basis supplying the EVIM “from the box” with our instructions, live consulting support and active global sales from EVIM International Project team of GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ.

If you also want to organize smaller by scale EVIM event please see how to get started with EVIM Meet-up

To learn more or apply please send us an email:

If you are interested to bring EVIM to your country, please view and download this franchise-book document:

Download (PDF, 895KB)

Please view also this page:

Join EVIM as National Co-organising Partner

Please view more information about National Co-Organiser and Hosting Exhibition Partner of EVIM events on the dedicated pages of the events.

Please view more here, if you are interested to take complete EVIM event to your country, becoming National Co-Organiser or/and Hosting Exhibition Partner.

Please, look legal notice on the EVIM events franchise regulations and intellectual property here…