EVIM Global Agenda 2018: Mobility

The Global Agenda, the basis of all the EVIM events in 2018, includes:

The EVIM provides the international summit platform for cross-disciplinary collaboration of three interconnected fundamental sectors of sustainable development

  • Mobility
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure and Environment

Key topics:

  • Trasport and Infrastructure Sustainability
  • E-Mobility: land, water, air
  • Active and X-treme Mobility
  • Shared and Collaborative Mobility as a Service
  • Future Automotive Industry and Vehicle Technology
  • Energy Generation, Grid, Consuming and Efficiency
  • Batteries and Energy Storage
  • EV Charging, Hydrogen and Alternative Fuels
  • Data and Connected Smart City Mobility
  • New logistics, passenger and delivery services
  • Autonomous vehicles and drones
  • Environment For Life, Decarbonisation & Climate Change

Key areas:

  • The Economic Strategy: market, development, investments and business models, new workplaces.
  • The Innovations: updating reality through acceleration of development and comprehensive improvement of infrastructure system
  • The Financing: sources, programs and support
  • The Policies and Regulations: business environment and legal framework, regulation, legislation and incentives
  • The Business Models: customer needs meeting the latest available opportunities
  • The Technology: components, manufacturing and products
  • The Best Practices and Solutions: implementations, achievements and examples of success
  • The Culture and Impact: changing reality of mass culture from awareness, to attitude, behavior and action

The businesses and stakeholders of the three industries are connected by the Global Agenda of the EVIM with the aim of acceleration of common development and growth