The Terms and Conditions (EVIM Meet-up Franchising Agreement)

EVIM Meet-up, an independent EVIM events, under the special brand and patronage of EVIM International Summit

The event Format of EVIM Meet-up is belonging to its author, is held and represented by GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ (Estonia). Use of Format Standards is regulated by The Terms and Conditions and is the Franchise provided for a fee from GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ (further Franchisor) to Independent EVIM Meet-up Organizer (further Franchisee). Please follow the Format Standards.

If you are organizing EVIM Meet-up or creating event that is identical by the entire Format and content or any part of them, you are accepting this Terms and Conditions that contains franchising agreement for the EVIM Meet-up organizing, obtain a Franchise and become a Franchisee, according to The Terms and Conditions. Obtaining the franchise requires no entrance fee and is paid only, if and after EVIM Meet-up have taken place. We require no extra, except only one 25% fee than described below.

The Format

View the EVIM Meet-up Format Standards here

If you are organizing EVIM Meet-up or creating event that is identic by the entire format and content or any part of them, you are accepting this terms and conditions that contains franchising agreement for the EVIM Meet-up organizing.

  1. You are using the brand EVIM Meet-up giving a city where the event takes place between words and ending with the year of the event date. An example: EVIM Camelot Meet-up 2017. If you are locating EVIM Meet-up in a suburban area, use the name of the bigger city (town).
  2. Coffee, tea and cookies should be of a good quality
  3. The conference room should have high quality, with good furniture, light and equipment with depreciation up to 25%
  4. You need to make high quality video recording and photos during event covering not less than all the timing and all the participants of the EVIM Meet-up. This media should be sent to EVIM Summit to be published and become is a part of EVIM Summit’s property.
  5. The event should be paid and the prices for all the forms of participation should be not lower than described in the Format.
  6. Use of the EVIM Meet-up Franchise by Franchisee requires no prepayment, but is paid, and, if EVIM Meet-up have taken place, it requires from an Independent EVIM Meet-up Organizer a 25% reward to EVIM Summit from the total value of all the components sold to the participants, commercial speakers and sponsors, but not less than 500€.
  7. Independent EVIM Meetup Organizer delegates non-exclusive to Franchisor the right to sell tickets, commercial speeches and sponsorship worldwide. In this case Franchisor has the right to retain funds in a size of 25% franchise fee and transfer to Independent EVIM Meetup Organizer deducted amount of funds respectively.
  8. You have to be registered and to be a taxpayer according to the legislation of the country where you are taking EVIM Meet-up, and have a right to provide activity of the organizing EVIM Meet-up.
  9. Organizing your EVIM Meet-up you are taking yourself all the liability for compliance to the legislation of the country of location on issues of taxation, protection of consumer rights, civil safety, electric and fire protection, sanitation, etc.
  10. Fill the form or send a request by email to become an Independent EVIM Meet-up Organizer and obtain the right of EVIM Meet-up franchise. Please, note that if you will have not filled the form, but started to make EVIM Meet-up or used any of its components, we are considering you as a franchisee and our relations are regulated by this terms and conditions.
  11. You may do EVIM Meet-up when you have filled the form, and have granted our approval and get your event published on the EVIM Summit website.
  12. You may get refusal of application to make EVIM Meet-up, in this case you have no right to organize EVIM Meet-up and need to cancel the event, with return all the tickets have sold and compensation of all the damage to any person injured. Please start to organize the EVIM Meet-up only after approval.
  13. You cannot to organize the event longer than the EVIM Meet-up format prescribes and cannot to organize EVIM Summit.
  14. If the EVIM Meet-up is cancelled by any reason you have to return all has been sold to a participants, sponsors or advertisers, etc. In case when a part of the components of EVIM Meet-up was sold by the Franchisor, Independent EVIM Meet-up Organizer returns to Franchisor the amount of funds had been got from Franchisor, to enable Franchisor provide return to customers, also Franchisor adds his retained amount of funds (Franchise fee) back to complete return.
  15. The EVIM Meet-up Format, these Terms and Conditions are the subject of changes and updates, made by franchisor, effective is the latest version on the EVIM website.