EVIM Meet-up Legal Notice

Relations on the EVIM Meet-up franchise are regulated by The Terms and Conditions based on the simple and one of the world’s best Estonian legislation.

Independent EVIM Meet-up Organizers are responsible for all the processes around the EVIM Meet-up in their country, including the quality of the separate EVIM Meet-up, commercial secrets, comfort and safety of participants.

To avoid of any illegal use of the EVIM Meet-up author’s format or components protected by law, please note that we consider as the accept of conditions of the agreement, if you’ve begun to organise the EVIM Meet-up event, used the idea, format or components of the EVIM Meet-up, without your application by filling the form of email request and our approval of your company as an Independent EVIM Meet-up Organizer, which instead we understand as normal regular practice of cooperation under the previously mentioned Terms and Conditions.

The conditions of cooperation with Independent EVIM Meet-up Organizers are regulated by this The Terms and Conditions and this EVIM Meet-up Legal Notice and also are basing on our domestic Estonian Law of Obligations Act (Chapter 19) that regulates the franchise. Please find full text of the law by the link:


Please contact us for any legal issues or questions:

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