EVIM Meet-up Format Standards

The Kinds of Formats of EVIM

EVIM International Project (EVIM International Summit) is consists of two formats. EVIM Summit and EVIM Meet-up are the author’s events that have its own separate formats and is belonging to its authors, are held and represented by GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ (Estonia) to EVIM local partners as a franchise.

The two formats are different by the scale, positioning, timing, goals and level of support provided by their authors and Franchisor. The EVIM Summits have larger scale and audience, targeted on big economic regions of few countries, when EVIM Meet-up is a shorter by timeframes and intended firstly to gather people around development of national EV markets.

The international networks of EVIM Summit and EVIM Meet-up and the issues of the each one EVIM Summit and each one EVIM Meet-up are regulated respectively by the Franchise Agreement (for EVIM Summit) and The Terms and Conditions (for EVIM Meet-up) and by manual instructions of permanent Global Organizing Committee of EVIM (further EVIM), appointed by GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ (Estonia) which is a Global EVIM Organizer.

The Format Standards of EVIM Meet-up

What is EVIM Meet-up?  

EVIM Meet-up, an Independent EVIM event, under the special brand and patronage of EVIM International Summit.

More about EVIM Meet-up is defined here: http://evim.greenclinicglobal.com/meeting/evim-meet-up-network/

Use of this Format Standards is regulated by The Terms and Conditions and is the Franchise provided for a fee from GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ (further Franchisor) to Independent EVIM Meet-up Organizer (further Franchisee). Any illegal use of the Format or Format standards will be will be be prosecuted under Estonian law.

If you are organizing EVIM Meet-up or creating event that is identic by the entire Format and content or any part of them, you are accepting this terms and conditions that contains franchising agreement for the EVIM Meet-up organizing, obtain a Franchise and become a Franchisee, according to The Terms and Conditions.

The Format Features:

  1. Period: once a year.
  2. One for a country, but if country is large enough and it will be rational, more may be allowed by the Franchisor.
  3. EVIM Meet-up used in the organized event’s name
  4. Using the brand EVIM Meet-up in a way giving here: a city where the event takes place is entered between 2 words “EVIM” and “Meet-up” and ending with the year of the event date. Example: EVIM Camelot Meet-up 2017. If you are locating EVIM Meet-up in a suburban area, use the name of the bigger city (town).
  5. Two moderators: one of EVIM Meet-up and one of the panel session
  6. The topics: the Global Agenda of EVIM International Summit is applied.
  7. Timing:
    • The general timing up to 4h;
    • 2 sessions: a plenary and a panel, each one up to 2h;
    • One break for coffee at the end of the first session.
  8. The timing scheme:
    • Registration time (up to 1h, before the start), may be used for the start networking by consideration of Independent EVIM Meet-up Organizer;
    • the stripe cutting (5 min, stripe on front of the speaker zone), the stripe should be on two opposite coils handheld by two people;
    • the welcoming word (of the moderator and official guests, 15 min);
    • the plenary (each speech is 12 up to 15 min and 2-5 min Q&A in);
    • the break with networking coffee, tea and cookies; ginger and carrot cookies should be placed, the self-serving only;
    • the panel session, consists of all the speakers of the plenary and a moderator, the chairs for panel members is required;
    • EVIM Award (15 min): from 2 to 3 companies should be awarded for real achievements or contribution to the development of electric mobility, – candidates strictly should be approved by the EVIM Summit. Independent EVIM Meet-up rganizer submits list of nominated companies or persons for review and approval by EVIM Summit in 14 days before the EVIM Meet-up date.
  9. The event should be paid and the prices should be not lower than prescribed below. If the prices will be defined by Independent EVIM Organizer up to 2 times higher, than described, the price is strictly required to be agreed with the EVIM Summit.
  10. The standard EVIM Meet-up pricing scale.
    • 50 EUR for residents
    • 150 EUR for non-residents
    • 250 EUR for a promotional table placement
    • 750 EUR for commercial presentation
    • 1000 EUR for sponsorship, status “Partner” (up to 20)
    • 2500 EUR for key sponsorship, status “Key partner”(up to 5)
    • Fee for processing substitute of participants 10% of paid
    • Fine for cancelation 1 month before the event 25% of paid
    • Fine for cancelation 2 weeks before the event 50% of paid
    • Fine for cancellation 1 week and less before the event 100% (not returned)
    • Free of charge, up to 25% is taking part only:
      1. diplomatic representatives and trade missions
      2. press
      3. official and honorable guests
      4. speakers, except ones taking commercial presentations
  11. Video is recorded; photos should be captured for the entire time frames and personalities.
  12. The instruction of Franchisor and all is described by Franchisor on the website, as also the positioning of the event is a part of the Format.
  13. You are using the brand EVIM Meet-up giving a city where the event takes place between words and ending with the year of the event date. An example: EVIM Camelot Meet-up 2017. If you are locating EVIM Meet-up in a suburban area, use the name of the bigger city (town).
  14. Coffee, tea and cookies should be of a good quality
  15. The conference room should have high quality, with good furniture, light and equipment with depreciation up to 25%
  16. You need to make high quality video recording and photos during event covering not less than all the timing and all the participants of the EVIM Meet-up. This media should be sent to EVIM Summit to be published and become is a part of EVIM Summit’s property.