About EVIM Meet-up Network

EVIM Meet-up is a concentrated, quick, smart and dynamic e-mobility gathering, that is aimed to join the wide audience of people passionate with EV to make things happen with the development of e-mobility market and infrastructure in every country and the city of location. EVIM Meet-up is bringing e-mobility in the way the most closest to the audience and keeping the best traditions of the summits of EVIM International Development Project and the its Global Agenda.

Due to its flash timing, it takes only 4 hours attending EVIM Meet-up. It saves working time and avoids everyone’s from becoming tired. It may be attended in a single day business trip, that makes it the best idea for busy business schedule (And for sure, you’ll have a free evening 🙂 ).

EVIM Meet-up Network, an independent EVIM events, organized in different countries by Independent EVIM Meet-up Organizers, under the special format, brand and patronage from EVIM International Summit, well-known point on the global map of EV events, accelerating e-mobility in CEE region and other world’s areas.

EVIM Meet-ups are licensed to Independent EVIM Meet-up Organizers by The Terms and Conditions, a franchise agreement with GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ (Estonia), which is a Global Organizer of EVIM International Summit.

EVIM Meet-up it’s a modern and affordable event that brings is taking a little of time to attend, and a light weight one to organize EVIM Meet-up in you country. Learn more here how to organize EVIM Meet-up.