EVIM Central Europe Annual Summit

The EVIM Central Europe is the West one of two events from the CEE part of the program of EVIM International Project joint with the common Global Agenda and is taken annually on the regular basis, to accelerate the market and the economic, policy, society and cultural dialogue of decision makers is necessary for the development of e-mobility, renewable energy, sustainable architecture of human environment  infrastructure.

EVIM provides the unique environment to demonstrate, exchange and discuss the latest achievements and solution of the market operators, the science and the public sector, delivering them to the audience of business, public and private customers with the instruments of the EVIM components and program.

For an any company supplying products and solutions in one of the target markets the EVIM is becoming a smart gateway to the market, facilitating to get connected to distributors and customers, improve brand awareness and loyalty, take part in development projects and establish essential important contacts.

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