EVIM accessibility practice

GreenClinic LifeScience Global, executing its CSR policy is continuously striving to improve all the products and the operations to provide equal access and opportunities for everyone. It is important especially working under so innovative area as sustainable development, renewable energy and electric mobility which EVIM International Project is connected, where is whole the human environment infrastructure is redesigning in a brand new way and the opinions of everyone should be considered as well.

We consider accessibility as not only need of people with disabilities, but for everyone who have different then usual interaction with the environment and needs to get some specific approach to be in comfort. It is one of the main principles of good service to meet these needs as complete as possible and we are very happy to see it widely realised.

To provide the equal conditions and comfortable environment for all the participants, independently of their personal specific abilities and needs connected with their state of health, for everyone taking part at the EVIM events all over the world we are utilising three main principles and requiring National Co-organising Partners and Hosting Exhibition Partners consider these principles in each EVIM event being organising:

  1. Compliance to national legislation and applicable international law
  2. Readiness of the event platform to meet the needs of the people with disabilities
  3. Extended ICT facilities for remote participation of the event

We’re recommending to National Co-organising Partners and Hosting Exhibition Partners to review accessibility issues of all product and services are being acquired for needs of each EVIM event they are organising.

We recommend to our partners the following sources for support of decision making on the accessibility:






Also we suppose that the best corporate practices of accessibility will be shared and improved with good dynamics by other companies.