About EVIM

EVIM is an international development project joining together the mobility, renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure and accessibility. EVIM is supporting sustainable development and climate change resolution through the holistic and comprehensive improvement of infrastructure system of the Central and Eastern Europe, Baltic and Balkans region. EVIM is a private corporate accelerator initiative from Estonia and Ukraine run by GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ and “Green Clinic” Scientific Research Center. EVIM International Development Project has been founded by brothers Dmytro Radiuk and Denis Radiuk, the entrepreneurs and sustainable development activists, with the following Foundation Statement to make transport and infrastructure sustainable and no more contributing to climate change.

EVIM, Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Meeting, is an independent communication platform aimed to accelerate development and markets of mobility, smart and sustainable infrastructure worldwide to achieve significant improvement of life quality and resolution of climate change problem as the main points of sustainable development goals.

EVIM is also a global community of professionals and businesses involved in mobility, renewable energy, smart and sustainable infrastructure, as also architecture of human environment and accessibility.

EVIM is strongly confirming its reputation as a phenomena which is exponentially creating new value in sustainable development sector, connecting and enabling new opportunities through cooperation, innovations and investments in the joint sustainable infrastructure sector.

Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure Meeting is joining the community of forward thinking amazing people who have deal with new mobility products and solutions, powering the motion of electric vehicles with the energy and implementing the sustainable transport in sustainable infrastructure development projects to deliver them into everyone’s everyday life all over the world.

EVIM (Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure Meeting) supports a joint network of an international events and initiatives, aimed to bring the new opportunities, technologies and investments into the fast growing electric vehicles market providing a framework for efficient dialog and cooperation of the businesses, government and local authorities, international organizations, business associations, trade chambers, press, science and education, social, culture and art as the best platform for common growth and sustainable development of society.

Our mission: enhancing the expansion of critical sustainable infrastructure necessary for environmentally friendly development of economy and society, comprehensively accelerating e-mobility, active mobility, sharing and collaborative business models, digitization, accessibility, climate change adaptation and infrastructure development for sustainable cities, territories and biodiversity, as a one holistic ecosystem.

Our vision: a clean, healthy, noiseless and fumeless environment and infrastructure supporting a really long, happy and productive life.

Our values are: human life and health, human rights and freedom of realisation of individual potential, sustainable cities, society and economy, peace, safe environment and collaboration, applying the scientific and technological progress achievements to resolve urgent challenges in harmony with nature..

The motto and the philosophy:

Updating reality…

EVIM is dedicated to the development of the global electric vehicles market and infrastructure which is necessary to ensure perspectives of widespread use of electric vehicles with numerous private consumers, corporate, municipal and public sectors users.

The objective is to discuss, in a convenient environment, the opportunities and prospects of the sector, create good international and local ties, improve cooperation and local business environments for sustainable transport sector, define jointly and share the vision of electric mobility, renewable energy, smart, sustainable and accessible infrastructure and architecture along with biodiversity in each country and world’s regions where EVIM initiatives take place.

EVIM is aimed to elaborate contemporary solutions, share the experience and the best practices which are meeting global challenges and ensuring the better life in each country hosting EVIM, in each target regions of EVIM events, projects and initiatives and all over the world.

EVIM breaks stereotypes and creates new vision on the companies’ first market entry ensuring brand awareness, enabling to do that in one of the most of lean and environmentally friendly ways. For companies which supplying sustainable products and solutions EVIM becomes a smart gateway to the market, facilitating businesses to get connected to new distributors and customers, improves their brand awareness and loyalty, opening the opportunity to take part in large infrastructure development projects and establish the most essential and important contacts.

The EVIM events are created in strong partnership with the most experienced national companies in sustainable business, EV and renewable energy sector, exhibition and event organizing companies, policy makers, NGOs, prominent scientific, educational and cultural communities.

All EVIM events have the same author’s core in their format. The author’s formats are provided by the GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ as a Global Organiser to partners in each hosting country on the franchising and other conditions.

EVIM structure is built to meet the needs of the entire audience and each participant, and reach the people creating public awareness of sustainable transport and infrastructure and their importance in life of everyone as a part of contemporary sustainable culture and way of life and activity.

EVIM summits are always keeping the best connection to the needs and cultural traditions of the target region and the events hosting countries and contain:

  • The meetings: a conference part with wide discussion and presentation instruments
  • The communication and networking program: pre-­organized meetings and brokerage event program, environment to meet each other among the sessions and in the evening time
  • The exhibition and a time for presentation provided by participants
  • The press time: press-conferences and personal time for communication with the press, with the program of pre­-arranged interviews
  • Science Time program with posters and presentations of research institutions
  • Startup pitches and developers program
  • EVIM Youth Day dedicated to connection with educational and young talents, provided by EVIM Youth Program
  • EVIM Art Project dedicated to connection by means of art to society and creative communities in order to achieve sustainable positive changes through the change of culture and attitude

Our geography:

One of the main benefits of EVIM is the well-developed connection to the sustainable mobility and infrastructure community around the world, and also focusing in the region of Central Europe, Baltic and Balkans with our two points of presence in EU and non-EU parts of these important and prospective economic regions, being connected to the best locations and partner events and a perfect connection to the decision making communities of the region’s countries and globally.