Keynote Speakers of EVIM Central Europe – 2016

Learn more here about all the amazing people who joins EVIM Central Europe – 2016 with the keynote speeches!

Andreas-Michael Reinhardt
President LEMnet Europe e.V. - European Association for the neutral information on European and international infrastructure for electric vehicles.
Martin Messer
Martin Messer is the leading consultant in Electric Vehicles and e-mobility in Denmark. He is Co-founder of European E-Mobility Consulting Group.
Levente Reizer
Nissan, EV Product and EV Infrastructure Manager in Central Eastern Europe
Stanisław Jedliński
Chief expert, City of Warsaw, Department of Roads and Transportation
Artur Serkowski
Chief Engineer RAWICOM (Poland)
Sebastian Bykuć
Head of the Distributed Energy Department. The Szewalski INSTITUTE OF FLUID-FLOW MACHINERY Polish Academy of Sciences
The Szewalski INSTITUTE OF FLUID-FLOW MACHINERY Polish Academy of Sciences
Adam Hłond
Member of the Board RAWICOM (Poland)
Denis Radiuk
Board Chairman and CEO Greenclinic Lifescience Global OÜ (Estonia)
Łukasz Celmer
Founder of first electric taxi company in Poland
Magdalena Stretton
Director Millow Consulting. The expert in city sustainability and environmental consulting.
Witold Chmarzynski
Kancelaria Prawna WBC / Legal Office WBC
Marcin Mizgalski
Director of Marketing and Investment SolarPartners Sp. z o.o., renewable energy and EV expert and passionate the most popular blogger and market creator and influencer
Rastislav Lauko
CEO at GreenWay, the biggest network for charging electric vehicles in Slovakia
Dawid Kmiecik
E.MOBILITY EVANGELIST Business Development & Innovation Broker Founder of SORENOID, E.URBAN SYSTEMS and FLEET-ME! Father of several extraordinary projects in Europe. Recently, membership of a working group on standardisation of battery-electric buses and future charging infrastructure under UITP & VDV committee /pre-actions for the new e-bus standardization/
Michael Warner
Fortum - Charge & Drive. Charge & Drive answers the increasing popularity of electric vehicles by providing simple, fast and secure charging solutions. Charge & Drive already has over 500 Charge & Drive chargers around the Nordics and the global presence is growing every day. Fortum’s solar economy vision is in the heart of Charge & Drive. Because the future energy system will be based on CO2-free electricity production, Fortum are continuously moving towards production forms based on solar energy. Fortum is one of the leading energy providers in the Nordic region, the Baltic States and Russia. With the lowest carbon exposure in Europe, 63% of Fortum’s total power generation is currently CO2-free.
Jakub Tabędzki
Editor of the portal, a serial entrepreneur, one of the few in Poland expert practitioners of electromobility market. Over the last year he drove an electric car the country devoid of charging network almost 30,000 kilometers. Currently leading the project SharCar building a network of rental car sharing more than 1,000 electric cars 7 largest cities in Poland.
Michał Baranowski
Editor-in-chief and co-founder of The expert in the field of innovative solutions in the automotive industry (connected cars, telemetry systems, passive and active safety, autonomous driving). Author of the first edition of the report on low carbon automotive industry "Electric and Hybrid Cars - a compendium of knowledge of the driver." Propagator of eco driving and defensive driving.
Abhijith Nadupurakkal Ullas
Expert in sustainable transport and infrastructure. GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ (India)
Jacek Fior
Jacek is an entrepreneurial type who sees opportunities all around. He runs his own corporate language training company and international translation agency, Quest Corporate Language Solutions. One of his many passions, besides card tricks and mixology, is electric cars and their introduction on the market. He is currently working on launching the Polish platform of CleanTechnica -- -- in the hopes of helping people to understand the revolution we are witnessing. Jacek is also a founding partner of an electric carsharing company.
Tomasz Loranty
Reprezentuję Koło Naukowe Pojazdów i Robotów Mobilnych (KN PiRM)