EVIM International Development Project is created and functioning according to Foundation Statement to improve the reality of transport and infrastructure in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, Baltic Sea and Balkans through widespread implementation of sustainable innovations.

The key questions remaining the focus of the project in the aim to achieve more sustainable society:

  • Improvements in human rights though promotion of accessibility and supporting diversity
  • Improvements in treatment towards the environment promoting responsible consuming, business and governance
  • Improvements in mobility through decarbonisation and better user experience
  • Improvements in infrastructure through promotion and implementing the latest sustainable best practices practices
  • Improvements in access to Internet with accessible and affordable broadband Internet connection for individuals, businesses, communities and public authorities to support equal social opportunities and to avoid informational islandisation for better society and economy in the digital age
  • Improvements in resource circulation and emission reduction to get problems with waste resolved and circular ZE economy practice widely implemented

EVIM stands for the following goals to be achieved:

  • get mobility and infrastructure sustainable, decarbonised and no more contributing to support climate danger
  • 100% widespread awareness on the benefits of sustainable mobility and infrastructure for everyone
  • make mobility and transportation services highly developed while no more emitting the carbon and toxic substances:
    • developing electric mobility market, implementation and technology
    • redefining the approach to urban and rural infrastructure planning towards sustainability
    • bike infrastructure is highly developed and accessible
    • making city public transport zero emission and smart only
    • creating first electric intercity bus (coach) lines
    • get sharing and pooling a usual everyday practice of mobility
    • replacing the first and last mile logistics with zero emission only
    • replacing cargo transportation trucks with zero emission only
    • changing water transport towards zero emission and environmental friendly
    • developing railway and related technology to
  • support biodiversity and self-rehabilitation of the environment
  • ensure mobility highly enhanced with benefits from digital solutions
  • get sustainable mobility and infrastructure accessible and affordable for everyone
  • get dynamic and continuous improvement of broadband connection
  • resolve problems with waste and implement circular ZE economy

The goals are remaining the subject of continuous improvement and update.