EVIM Global Agenda 2017: Sustainable Infrastructure

The following SSIDD global agenda is aimed to raise the discussion to explore what can be done in practice and how can be life quality and safety improved with update and sustainable development of infrastructure.

  • City development: sustainable approach to planning of territories, building and function. Urban biodiversity and environment. Life quality and safety. (SDG 11)
  • Buildings: engineering and architectural integration of renewable energy sources, e-mobility and digital solutions (SDG 9)
  • Energy supply and consuming (SDG 7SDG 13). Changes in user/grid interaction and management. Renewable energy in a new electricity market context. New technologies and approaches of management. Prosumption practice.
  • Transport: e-Mobility for public transport, services, businesses and individuals. Powering e-mobility. Logistics. Emergency services logistics. Traffic management. (SDG 9SDG 11SDG 13)
  • Waste management and land rehabilitation.
  • Digitalization and interactivity of infrastructure (SDG 9)
  • Accessibility, removing obstacles and development of inclusive approach (SDG 8)

Each topic is corresponding with respective sustainable development goals.