EVIM User Agreement

  1. If you’re using EVIM products, services, informational materials being registering, attending, participating, joining as a guest, becoming a partner or sponsor, subscribing updates or news, reading, using or sharing any information, requesting for any service created or belonged to EVIM, EVIM organizers, GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ or any of partners (further EVIM), you are agreeing and completely accepting this Agreement and you shall to respect and comply its conditions. This Agreement regulates all the external relations with all users without any exclusions. If you are not agree with this Agreement please stop using listed above.
  2. EVIM and its related components provided as a whole product as is without any warranties and you are agreeing to respect the EVIM and the community and do not arise any claims against its organizers or partners, as also do not make public or covered statements, that can be harmful to other participants, EVIM itself, its organizers and partners.
  3. EVIM is always standing away from policy and never belongs to any ideology, but only stands for widespread sustainable development of human, businesses, societies and states, as also environmentally friendly economic growth. Any offers or requests to support specific personalities or political parties in order to provide them a political competition benefit in their countries will be declined or ignored.
  4. EVIM is a high-end professional communication platform and that is provided to its audience for a registration fee and other fees, with the aim to enable common positive effect to the audience. EVIM is not paying to anyone for speech, attendance or participation. In exclusive cases EVIM has the right to invite any speakers and guests for free, without charging them with a fee, by sole consideration of EVIM.
  5. While attending EVIM you shall to comply the legislation of a hosting country of EVIM you attend, keep your behavior following public order, as also keep complied the legislation of Estonia when you’re registering electronically, using any information of EVIM electronically or sharing it.
  6. Program, speakers, audience and time schedule is a subject of changes anytime and anyway.
  7. You’re agreeing EVIM to use your personal data in the entire volume you’ve provided it, store, share and use in any required way on sole consideration of EVIM.
  8. You are remaining responsible for any your actions and expressions after other participants, EVIM or third persons, as also content or informational materials you are generating while you’re participating EVIM, or in connection to EVIM, including before or after EVIM, but it is completely becoming a part of the solid informational mass of the EVIM and you’re agreeing it to be transferred, used and shared by the sole consideration of EVIM organizers and partners, and agreeing it is becoming a property of EVIM organizers without any fee, compensation or remuneration from the side of EVIM, from the moment of its appearing on EVIM. You agree to be photographed, recorded on video and audio or some notes may be taken by the audience and the press, and you allow saving, storage, processing and sharing and require no fee or compensation for that. EVIM is also considering you’ve obtained all necessary approvals and permits to share information publicly and conclude all the conditions of this Agreement. You need to specify if you want that your presentation will not be available for the EVIM audience, it will be available by default.
  9. All the informational materials created on EVIM or in connection before or after EVIM, recorded or captured, in any form, are the property of EVIM organizers and are regulated further by agreements regulating EVIM International Project.
  10. EVIM has the right to place advertising, sell sponsorship, receive donations, provide informational support to anyone and promote persons (natural and legal), brands and projects who support EVIM.
  11. EVIM is not controlling and is not responsible for quality and safety of any services provided by third parties, as also for legal order and safety, individual, collective or mass behavior of people inside the country where EVIM is taking place, as also either in the conference hall or external locations, but EVIM do all the best possible to provide the best experience and comfort on each of EVIM.
  12. EVIM safety note is obligatory and applied to all the people present by any reason on any of the EVIM events. You are agreeing and allow to be checked by a safety staff registering and entering the EVIM event. You are agreeing to comply and follow the safety note. The following safety note is effective:

“Please note!

  • Due to the level of audience and to our high requirements and standards of safety and comfort for participants, only persons representing definite and active companies, institutions or projects, will be registered, as also representatives of press/media will be accredited.
  • Registration of individuals who do not represent any company, organization, institution, project, or media as well as access of such persons is impossible.
  • If data submitted while registration is incorrect or by safety measures, we are saving the right to disallow entrance, providing refusal of access with return, or no refund in case of violation by a person of public order, causing any damage (that does not exclude compensation for damages by such person).
  • Please also avoid bringing suspicious items and devices to get access in.
  • Please have a valid ID with a photo.

Thank you for your understanding!
Welcome and thank you for being with EVIM!