EVIM SSIDD initiative for Central Europe 2017


The Smart and Sustainable Infrastructure Development Days (SSIDD) is an open platform from EVIM international development project joining the events and initiatives dedicated to acceleration of development the sustainable infrastructure complex in Central Europe countries, initiated by GreenClinic LifeScience. Everyone is invited to join. The program is covering the aspects:

  • smart and sustainable urban planning and functional architecture of buildings
  • stimulating of zero emission transport use
  • integration of renewable energy sources
  • accessibility, safety and zero mortality
  • digital solutions
  • creating shared and circular economy for better cities and economic success

This, 2017, year the EVIM SSIDD for Central Europe 2017 is taking place from October 7, starting in Kyiv, Ukraine, and to October 27, finishing in Warsaw, Poland.


Email us to connect your own event with SSIDD: ssidd@evim.live

SSIDD is a joint user centric view to function of Mobility, Energy and Infrastructure we live and work in, to accelerate their update and development creating a better places for life and sustainable economic growth for everyone.

The SSIDD is supporting practical efforts of professionals and businesses, governments and local authorities, non-profit organizations, cultural and environmental communities to get system infrastructural changes done by improving communication, exchanging the experience and sharing successful best practices.

The SSIDD program is jointly promotes EVIM and the partners’ events and initiatives, is guiding people among all the opportunities to attend and join. SSIDD is continuously updated with new topic points, venues and dates being based on EVIM Global Agendas for the development of sustainable infrastructure and e-Mobility and EVIM Mission, Vision and Values.

The large scale of the Smart and Sustainable Infrastructure Development Days which includes rich programs of events and activities from EVIM and partners, allows to create significant impact for support of sustainable development of the infrastructure delivering:

  • to the participants up-to-date concentrated knowledge and excellent networking
  • to the partners and sponsors great awareness of their activity, achievements and solutions
  • to the societies of the hosting countries and domestic countries of all the audience the practical real steps to move forward

The Smart and Sustainable Infrastructure Development Days with few locations and few dates a year in the capitals and large cities of countries in the region from Baltic Sea to Balkans, being dedicated to create global positive impact by meeting actual growing needs of each hosting country and city to get the best and the most effective solutions.