EVIM Services

Marketing Analytics
Regular market reviews from all the coverage in English
Market reviews on demand
Informational and press services

Subscription for newsletter and news feed translated from local languages to English with hyperlink or citation of the source.
Access to publish defined number of your news with their translation to all local languages.
services of EVIM permanent press centers
Tailor made press and media relations services, services of EVIM permanent and temporary press centers
Communications: PR and Promo, Digital
Access to participation of EVIM sharing channels and regular promo events. Publication to
Tailor made complex Marketing and Public Relations Service. Digital and other kinds of market promotion. Market Penetration Services. Creative services and content creation, administration and sharing.
Events and Event Services
EVIM events special conditions
Tailor made event production services on demand: marketing (concepting, consulting, projecting, evaluating) branding, content/speaker management, international and targeted local promotion
CSR, Sustainability, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Art and Social Initiatives service
Participation EVIM CSR program (EVIM Youth and Art Programs)
Tailor made CSR services on demand