EVIM Open Collaboration Platform

EVIM invites independent experts, engineering companies and design bureaus to participate maybe the largest open collaboration platform aimed to support businesses, cities and public sector in transition to zero emission mobility, logistic and energy, sustainable infrastructure and city environment design, new architecture and building exploitation practice with the comprehensive range of consulting services covering all the needs in a project of any scope.

The space of Central and Eastern Europe, Baltic and Balkan region is so huge and requires such number efforts of getting things done, that to achieve the positive impact we need to talk about collaboration first.

If you care of human environment and your are striving to change it for the better in a sustainable way, you know how to do things better than they were before you come,


EVIM Open Collaboration Platform



How do we work:

  • we are getting connected the partner city (or other prospect) interested to resolve infrastructure problem
  • we are getting the initial idea what do they need and what are the expectations
  • we are informing the open collaboration platform partners network and involve ALL the interested parties
  • the workgroup created developing the offer for the partner city (or the prospective client), updating and motivate the benefits of the solution to the decision maker
  • we help things to be perfect, support the communication and technical aspects all the way
  • together we are getting happy looking at the things done in the real world controlling the realization of the project all the time is needed
  • you are buying us a coffee
  • we all drinking and repeat

Our responsibility is the coverage and communication, your one is getting result from idea, cooperation and expertise

Request your conditions to get connected to the opportunities of the region


Everyone is invited!

We are happy to see you all here, because we are sincerely sure that working together is better than alone!