Why #EVIM2018 in Ukraine and Kyiv?

About the country:

Ukraine is known as one of the largest countries of Europe. Its population counts about 47mln and it is also one of the largest automotive markets and one of the most dynamically developing market of electric vehicles in CEE, with high share of luxury segment autos. Well-developed road network 163 027.6km, high level of urbanization, high involving of suburban inhabitants into a big city economy, a strong energy system with greater availability of overproduced night nuclear energy, high tempos of development in renewable energy sector due to the significant green tariff incentive, high prices for traditional fuel and open-minded customers create a promising background for the development of electric mobility and charging infrastructure.

Ukraine has occupied 5th position in the international ranking regarding the pace of development of EV in the world. The main reason for Ukraine’s high position in the ranking is the rapid growth of share of the electric vehicles among the new cars bought by Ukrainians last year. The electric vehicles accounted for 4% among the cars first registered in 2016. Electric transport is developing faster only in Iceland, Sweden, Norway and China.
People involved into the huge sector of new growing digital industries in the CEE region and Ukraine are open to the sharing economy practices, making their consumer choice towards care of environment and climate, and embracing EV technologies which are not requiring a lot of attention for maintenance and offering low costs of ownership and operation.

About the venue city:

Kyiv is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe with beautiful architecture and city charm that rivals many European capitals.It is the largest and the most green city of Ukraine, with its population of 3,14 million. Kyiv is served by a good transportation network and situated in the intersection of the commercial and cultural connections. A number of investment projects to reform and develop infrastructure has already been implemented and are being implemented in the city. The permanent tendency of growth of economic development has been achieved in Kyiv. The city is constantly changing and every day becomes more attractive.