Travel Information

Kyiv is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, dating back to the 5th century, although settlements at this location existed much earlier. Kyiv is the soul of Ukraine, playing a key part in the past, present and future of this country. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Kyiv is covered in a sea of greenery, which can be seen everywhere – in its many parks, boulevards and gardens. At every corner of every street you will find beautiful historic sites.

Get in

Boryspil International Airport is located 36km south-east from the city center. Several options to get to the city center are:

  • a bus, known as the Sky Bus or 322, operates 24-hour service between each terminal of the airport and the southern side of the Central Railway station (80 ₴ = $3.00, 60 minutes), with a stop at the Kharkivska Metro Station on the Green Line (50 ₴ = $2, 30 minutes) from where you may switch to the Metro and get straight to the city center for 4 ₴ ($0.2) (e.g. to Maidan Nezalezhnosti or Lva Tolstoho stations) to omit the traffic jams in the city center
  • The most popular taxi apps in Kyiv are Uklon, Uber, Hopin and others. It’s the easiest, safest and the most popular way of getting a taxi in Kyiv. Official company taxis can be hailed, or booked over the phone. There is usually someone who speaks English working for the company. It is also perfectly acceptable for any car to stop and pick you up.

Get around

Google Maps provides pretty good coverage and estimates for the public transportation in Kyiv. Maps.Me app may be also beneficial with its offline support. If you are rather a more old-fashioned traveler, then pick up a “Kyiv Tour Guide” map book, which is available at a number of kiosks or at the central post office. Basic tourist maps are available at the baggage carousel at Boryspil Airport. If you are spending much time in Kyiv, get the matching Ukrainian version of your map, many locals have as much trouble with the version that is transliterated to Latin characters as you will have with Cyrillic. They need the version in Cyrillic. When asking for directions or setting out in a taxi, it helps to locate the place you want on the English map and then point out the same spot on the Ukrainian version.