The Program Committee of EVIM2018

Abhijith Ullas
Program Committee Member
Technology enthusiast and a NewTech consultant at KPMG, Denmark, an expert analyst in Immersive technologies. He is also pursuing his master's degree in Innovation & Business at the University of Southern Denmark. He is passionate about electric vehicles and green energy. He has experience working at various electric vehicle start-ups globally.
Murali Krishna Uriti
Program Committee Member
Engineer by profession & Event journalist by Passion. Technical expertise in Electric vehicles and Brushless DC Motor design, development and mass manufacturing. Loves learning languages.
Artem Bezrodny
Program Committee Member
Co-founder, Product manager in CryptoWatt (The solution that unites charging stations into a global roaming network); 3+ years in FinTech (LendingStar marketplace finance); 15+ years in product management (B2B, banking); 10+ years of banking experience in Raiffeisen, OTP, Petrocommerce
Alexander Ozeran
Program Committee Member
An expert in sustainable development, good governance and digitization, an Advisor to the Minister of Infrastructure and Executive Director of the Institute for Energy Efficiency of Ukraine. He has experience in investment promotion and management consulting with leading market actors, holds a Masters degree in Project Management and Bachelors degree in Computer Science.
Mikhail Pluzhnikov
Assistant to MP, EV owner
Agata Rzędowska
Journalist, Editor at BiznesAlert, e-mobility enthusiast
Mart Steitner
Founder of businesses in the Netherlands and Ukraine in Landscape Architecture and Project Management with 25+ year international experience. Personal key point is creating urban sustainable and functional green projects in combination with local study programs