Agenda of #EVIM2018: III New Mobility and EV Summit for Central and Eastern Europe


EVIM2018: III New Mobility and EV Summit for Central and Eastern Europe

(updated 21.12.2017)

The Motto of EVIM2018:

“Decarbonizing mobility!” 

The Agenda of the EVIM2018: III New Mobility and EV Summit for Central and Eastern Europe includes:

EVIM provides the international summit platform for cross-disciplinary collaboration of three interconnected fundamental sectors of sustainable development

  • Mobility
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure and Environment

Key topics:

  • Transport and infrastructure sustainability. Environment for life. Decarbonisation & climate change
  • E-Mobility: land, water, air. Public transport
  • Active and X-treme mobility. Two- and three-wheelers, micro mobilities.
  • Shared and collaborative mobility as a service
  • New logistics, passenger and delivery services. City and intercity transportation.
  • Future automotive industry and vehicle technology. Advanced drivetrain technology. Electric vehicle global and national testing & compliance standards
  • Trends in batteries and energy storage, battery management systems, battery thermal management
  • EV charging. Development of charging infrastructure
  • Energy generation, grid, consuming and efficiency
  • Digital solutions, data and connected smart city mobility. Immersive technologies: virtual (VR) & augmented reality (AR) in the future of mobility, sustainable engineering, autonomous driving, flying drones (UAV) and automated robots.
  • Autonomous vehicles and drones
  • Broadband Internet connection trends. 5G prospects.
  • Hydrogen and alternative fuels

Key areas:

  • The Economic Strategy: market, development, investments and business models, new workplaces.
  • The Innovations: updating reality through acceleration of development and comprehensive improvement of infrastructure system
  • The Financing: sources, programs and support
  • The Policies and Regulations: business environment and legal framework, regulation, legislation and incentives.
  • The Business Models: customer needs meeting the latest available opportunities
  • The Technology: components, manufacturing and products
  • The Best Practices and Solutions: implementations, achievements and examples of success
  • The Culture and Impact: changing reality of mass culture from awareness, to attitude, behavior and action

The program of the summit is interdisciplinary and is built on the synergy of the key topic in key areas of development. The businesses and stakeholders of the three industries are connected on the EVIM Summit with the aim of acceleration of common development and growth

The Agenda of EVIM2018: III New Mobility and EV Summit for Central and Eastern Europe is based on Global Agenda of the EVIM for the 2018 and is reviewed by the program committee.

Alternative agenda

Smart and Sustainable City Infrastructure

  • City development: sustainable approach to planning of territories, building and function. Urban biodiversity and environment. Life quality and safety.
  • Buildings: engineering and architectural integration of renewable energy sources, e-mobility and digital solutions
  • Energy supply and consuming. Changes in user/grid interaction and management. Renewable energy in a new electricity market context. New technologies and approaches of management. Prosumption practice.
  • Transport: e-Mobility for public transport, services, businesses and individuals. Powering e-mobility. Logistics. Emergency services logistics. Traffic management. Smart Charging infrastruture
  • Waste management and land rehabilitation.
  • Digitalization and interactivity of infrastructure
  • Accessibility, removing obstacles and development of inclusive approach

Each topic is corresponding with respective sustainable development goals.

Key questions:

  • How cities are responding to global sustainable development goals (SDG)? Including goal 11: “Sustainable cities and communities”?
  • How the infrastructure helps better fulfill human rights and improve life quality?
  • What are the needs for improvement? What a positive experience of resolving is present?
  • How things should look like upon transition to more smart, sustainable, accessible and interactive infrastructure?
  • Which way societies are going and what practical steps will be done? How the infrastructure will help better fulfill human rights?
  • What new opportunities will be opened?
  • How business, NGOs and local communities can be involved?
  • What technologies and practices are available to be applied? Their benefits and disadvantages?
  • Which sources could be applied to finance the changes?
  • How sustainable brands are helpful in attracting investments?

Alternative agenda is dedicated to development of smart and sustainable city infrastructure.

Note! The points of this alternative agenda are only available to be applied for a speech topic with a condition that the topic will be related to the development, innovations or issues of mobility and related topics.

View the latest program draft is here