EVIM 2018 Manifesto

EVIM Summit Manifesto 2018

EVIM for the third year at row will be developing and shaping the mobility of the Central and Eastern Europe. Now it’s more than important to keep the excellent communication of world’s EV and new mobility community exchanging the expertise and amplifying the efforts of each other in successful continuous cooperation, tackling the climate change and city environmental issues without borders, together. We will continue this important cooperation during the EVIM2018, The Third New Mobility and EV Summit for Central and Eastern Europe, this key EV and new mobility gathering traditionally takes place in Kyiv, Ukraine in spring and welcoming everyone on the 1-3 of March.

The development of sustainable mobility practices in the greater CEE economic region from Baltic to Balkans, the region with so great economic potential, highly depends on the three key points: growing awareness on benefits, development of infrastructure on the local scale and improvement of state support policies.

Year by year the components facilitating the sustainable mobility are coming to our everyday life. The bike routes and infrastructure, the charging network for electric vehicles are growing, EV sales and service points, sharing economy business models based on electric and active mobility means, are constantly disseminating their presence everywhere, new businesses are emerging and old strong ones are getting advantages on the fast changing market thanking that breakthrough innovations find the place in their regular practice.

The EVIM is continuing updating reality of EV and new mobility in the CEE region, starting from the first EV Summit in Ukraine the EVIM Ukraine – 2016, which has become a breakthrough point for electric mobility of Ukraine and Poland, engaging more of new EV enthusiasts and businesses from the both countries to act more confidently. The tradition was continued to Warsaw, Poland in autumn of 2016 and in Kyiv, Ukraine in the spring of 2017 where EVIM EV Summit was held again with the numerous of participants and guests from several countries of the world.

In early 2016, in cooperation with numerous amazing partners, EVIM Ukraine EV summit has joined and accelerated the activity of market operators, institutions and NGOs which led to Ukrainian EV miracle came true, with the number of EVs from 630 in 2016 to up to 3000 to the end of 2017. The dynamic of the figures is close to exponential, and yes, now it’s a reality that the initial barriers are tackled and the number of EVs is growing in the country by the customer organically driven market model. That is why Ukrainian successful story and EV case on the global e-mobility map is more than interesting and valuable for further research, analysis and application as a possible pattern for inheritance in other countries with emerging EV markets, and just have to be shared. Evidently, after the state support comes into force completely, this market being enough warmed up will ensure regional leadership of Ukraine in development of electric mobility and infrastructure.

It’s also a pleasure to see that now in the CEE, Baltic and Balkans region more of the government and local authorities’ policy makers have come to embracing the idea of environmental friendly mobility improving the regulations, establishing public private partnerships and elaborating state support programs.

We are expressing strong belief that with lower prices for technology, the plenty of digital opportunities available and rich feedback accumulated in pioneer projects, the market has come to its period of organic high paced growth driven firstly by the economic benefits for the end consumer. The question will it be or will it not be strong is no more on time for sustainable mobility market. The initial diffusion is passed, the non-return point is passed and nothing more will be as before. Future freedom of mobility decarbonized, it’s no more about exhaust gases.

Looking forward to meeting you soon at EVIM2018.


Denis Radiuk and Dmytro Radiuk,

Founders of EVIM