CEO Meeting at #EVIM2018 Summit

The CEO Meeting is a closed top management only part of the EVIM Summit dedicated to high level interdisciplinary communication of sustainable mobility & infrastructure sector decision makers.

Cordially welcomed:

  • owners
  • top and senior management of private sector enterprises
  • top and senior officers of state institutions and enterprises
  • top and senior officers of municipalities
  • founders and top management of NGOs
  • head officers of of national representatives of enterprises and NGOs
  • representatives of diplomatic missions and international organisations
  • independent project leaders
  • other with equal level positions

CEO Meeting is available for everyone who meets the requirements described and is registered at #EVIM2018 Summit as participant, including partners, sponsors and guests.

To participate the meeting fill the form upon the link below:

Please check have you completed the registration before get registered or register on CEO Meeting and wait for contact from EVIM2018 Summit Organizing Committee to help you complete the registration procedure.

You may get registered on the summit just now online or filling the form on the page below. Find there also registration rules, participation fees and exception categories with free of charge participation.

Registration on #EVIM2018: III New Mobility and EV Summit for Central and Eastern Europe, Kyiv, March 1-3