EVIM East Europe – 2017 Kyiv, March 29-31 (April 01 for expo)

EVIM East Europe - 2017

We are happy to inform that EVIM East Europe – 2017 in Kyiv has taken place successfully!

Thank you very much for your participation, partnership and support!

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See you next year again or on the upcoming EVIM soon!

EVIM summit is joining together the electric transport, renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure. Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Meeting is a platform aimed to accelerate development of e-mobility worldwide (інформація українською мовою тут).

EVIM East Europe – 2017 (Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure Meeting) is an international event, in summit format, in Kyiv, Ukraine, aimed to provide the discussion and networking framework for development of electric mobility in East Europe and is one of two European EVIM events which together with EVIM Central Europe (Warsaw, Poland) are covering CEE region (Central and East Europe) as one of the most prospective and fast developing EV area in the world.

EVIM (Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure Meeting) is a joint network of an international meetings, aimed to bring the new opportunities, technologies and investments into the fast growing electric vehicles market providing a framework for efficient dialog and cooperation of the business, government and local authorities, international organizations, business associations, trade chambers, press, science and education, social, culture and art as the best platform for common growth and sustainable development of society.

EVIM is also a global community of professionals involved in e-mobility, renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure, as also into architecture of human environment.

EVIM East Europe – 2017 is dedicated to the development of electric vehicles market, renewable energy and infrastructure necessary to ensure perspectives of widespread use of electric vehicles with numerous private consumers, corporate, municipal and public sectors users.

Our mission: to bring sustainable transport in a wide everyday usage by developing the market and expanding the infrastructure.

Our vision: to transform the environment and people life into a clean, healthy, noiseless and fumeless.

Our values: human life and health, sustainable development, usage of scientific and technology progress for solving global challenges of climate change and human life quality improvement.

We are gathering on EVIM to discuss, in a professional and convenient environment, the opportunities and prospects, to define jointly and share the vision of electric mobility in East Europe, development of use of electric vehicles in commercial activity and municipal services (public city and intercity transport, cargo, delivery, taxi, post, city maintenance and repair services, etc.) in conditions of cities, with an economic impact of EV as a main motivation to enlargement of use.

EVIM East Europe – 2017 breaks stereotypes and creates new vision on the companies’ first market entry, ensuring brand awareness, enabling to do that in one of the most of lean and environmentally friendly ways.

The Agenda of the EVIM East Europe  – 2017 is based on Global Agenda of the EVIM for the 2017 and includes:

The EVIM provides the international summit platform for cross-disciplinary collaboration of three interconnected fundamental sectors of sustainable development:

  • Electric Mobility
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Supply
  • Sustainable Infrastructure and Architecture of Human Environment

The topics:

  • The Strategy: EV market, development, investments and business models. The Business environment and Legal framework: legislation and incentives
  • The Infrastructure: architecture and urban planning, roads and charging network expansion, integration of electric transport into the infrastructure projects and city development
  • The Energy: energy supply, grid connection and interactions, “smart grid” and powering of electric vehicles, integration of renewable energy sources into the architectural environment
  • The Technology and products: electric cars and LEVs, charging stations, software, grid and power supply management solutions, new product startups, OEM and parts
  • The Best practices: achievements and examples of success
  • The Climate change and Sustainability: vision of development policy and practice of implementation

See the program here: http://evim.greenclinicglobal.com/evim-east-europe-2017-kyiv-2/program-evim-east-europe-2017/

The Structure EVIM East Europe – 2017 contains:

  • 3 plenary sessions,
  • 4 panel sessions,
  • The exhibition with focus on sustainable architecture and infrastructure, renewable energy and e-mobility, taking place in partnership with Kyiv International Contract Fair in joint space with InterBuildExpo 2017 (with approx. 25K of visitors).
  • dedicated time for communication and networking with an option of pre-arranged meetings available,
  • press-conference and personal time for communication with the press and pre-arranged interviews program,
  • time for presentations of solutions and innovations from participating companies,
  • scientific and startup program
  • EVIM Youth Program – program of pro-bono speeches in universities and educational projects
  • EVIM Art Project – program of communication on sustainable development with means of art in partnership with the best cultural projects

About the hosting country:

Ukraine is known as the largest country of Europe: Its’ population counts about 47mln and it is also one of the largest automotive markets and one of the most dynamically developing market of electric vehicles in CEE, with high share of luxury segment autos. Well-developed road network 163 027.6km, high level of urbanization, high involving of suburban inhabitants into a big city economy, a strong energy system with greater availability of overproduced night atomic energy, high tempos of development in renewable energy sector, high prices for traditional fuel and open-minded customers create a promising background for the development of electric mobility and charging infrastructure.

The Organizers of EVIM East Europe  – 2017: GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ (Estonia) www.greenclinicglobal.com in cooperation with Kyiv International Contract Fair (Ukraine) and GreenClinic LifeScience Ukraine (Ukraine) www.greenclinic.com.ua

The Dates:

The event takes place in on 29-31th of March (the exhibition is until April, 01) and wherever you are, we invite you to make the future prosperity of electric mobility together!

Working languages of EVIM East Europe – 2017:

English, Ukrainian. Translation is provided.

Register here! http://evim.greenclinicglobal.com/evim-east-europe-2017-kyiv-2/registration/ or email us info@greenclinicglobal.net

Please note! Due to the level of audience and to our high requirements and standards of safety and comfort for participants, only persons representing definite and active companies, institutions or projects, will be registered, as also representatives of press/media will be accredited. If data submitted while registration is incorrect or by safety measures, we are saving the right to disallow entrance, providing refusal of access with return. Please also avoid bringing suspicious items and devices to get access in. Please read the entire safety note here…

Contacts of the EVIM East Europe – 2017 organizing committee:

+380(44)3606770 Kyiv, +372 602 25 88 Tallinn


The Recommended Hotel of the EVIM East Europe – 2017:

Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv

Go to evim.greenclinicglobal.com for more information!

View EVIM East Europe – 2017 also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/481176572070933/

Please, view the program on this page or download / Будь-ласка, перегляньте програму на цій сторінці або завантажте

Download (PDF, 1.34MB)

Venue EVIM East Europe – 2017

KYIVEXPOPLAZA exhibition center, 2-b, Saliutna Str., 04111 Kyiv, Ukraine