EVIM Connecting Mission

EVIM Connecting Mission


Open Call

EVIM Connecting Mission is an initiative aimed to facilitate sustainable connectivity transition in the area of Central Europe, Baltic and Balkan regions engaging multiple cities, communities and key stakeholders to cooperate jointly decarbonizing touristic and transit routes.

EVIM Connecting Mission is: opening new destinations and routes to EV drivers supporting sustainable development of territories by attracting new tourists, new investments and new money for local businesses, creating new workplaces for local people, while avoiding the huge amounts of CO2 emission, air pollution, as well as health, climate, economic and biodiversity impact.

EVIM Connecting Mission calls to:

  • a wide collaboration to make long routes passable for the majority of electric vehicles enabling 100% sustainable connectivity for everyone 
  • a commitment and joint action of all stakeholders on growing the critical infrastructure for sustainable mobility 
  • a complete mass identification and filling the gaps among neighbouring cities, destinations and hubs with enough electric vehicle charging facilities across the entire area from Nordic to Balkans, from the West to the East of Europe

Contribute the clean mobility transition snowball and get the benefits of the community adding your name in support of this mission. 

Everyone’s invited and welcomed!