EVIM Central Europe – 2016 Kyiv Summer Session

Electric Vehicle and Infrastructure Meeting – 2016 is an international event provided by EVIM International Project and aimed to provide the discussion and networking framework for development of electromobility.

EVIM Central Europe – 2016 Kyiv Summer Session is dedicated to the development of Ukrainian electric vehicles market and infrastructure necessary to ensure perspectives of widespread use of electric vehicles with numerous private consumers, corporate, municipal and public sectors users.

Date: the 10-12th of June 2016

Attendance is FREE by preregistration procedure. Just register you are going here in facebook and follow the organizers’ notifications.

The backgroud for success of Ukrainian electic mobility:
Ukraine is known as the largest country of Europe. Its’ population counts about 47mln and it is also one of the largest automotive markets, with high share of luxury segment autos. Well-developed road network 163 027.6km, high level of urbanization, high involving of suburban inhabitants into a big city economy, a strong energy system with greater availability of overproduced atomic energy, high temps developing renewable energy sector with high capacities of energy producing, high prices for traditional fuel and open-minded customers really don’t very much like use of public transport, create a promising background for the development of electric mobility and charging infrastructure.

Format: forum

Objective: To discuss, in convenient informal environment, the opportunities and prospects of the electric vehicles in Ukraine, the ways of creation the infrastructure for battery charging and service maintenance of electric vehicles. To consider possible municipal, commercial projects and individuals solutions. Jointly define the vision of electromobility development in Ukraine.
1. Opportunities and development of the market of electric vehicles (EV) and rechargeable hybrid vehicles in Ukraine. Development of EV distribution and service network.
2. City and intercity charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Ukraine. Charging devices market. Current situation, achievements and future. Infrastructure development: vision and reachable opportunities.
3. Development of use of electric vehicles in commercial activity and municipal services (public transport, delivery, taxi, post, city maintenance and repair services, etc.) in conditions of Ukrainian cities. Economic impact of EV as a main motivation to enlargement of use.

Organizer: GreenClinic LifeScience Global OÜ (Estonia)www.greenclinicglobal.com, RAWICOM (Poland) www.rawicom.pl and “Green Clinic” Scientific Research Centre (Ukraine)www.greenclinic.com.ua

Organized in partnership with Plug-In Ukraine exhibition by Euroindex

Moderators: Denis Radiuk, president of “Green Clinic” Scientific Research Centre and Vladimir Diachkov head of organizing commitee of EVIM Central Europe – 2016 Kyiv Summer Session

Working languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian

The event takes place on 10 of June 2016 and wherever you are, we invite you to make the future prosperity of European electric mobility together!

Contact us for the details: info@greenclinic.com.ua