Agenda / Program of EVIM Central Europe – 2016

EVIM will take place on October, 19-21 in Warsaw. Look for the latest program updates!..

EVIM odbędzie się w październiku, 19-21 w Warszawie. Sprawdź najnowsze aktualizacje programu!..

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Also will be discussed:

The Market and Investments:

Existing background for the development of electric mobility sector
Current state, opportunities for further development
Investment attractiveness and ROI
Financing and leasing
Opportunities and development of the market of electric vehicles (EV) and rechargeable hybrid vehicles
Dealers and service networks
Current state, dynamics and prospects of the sector in the world and in the region
Current state and trends of demand and consumer activity
Current market potential and investor activity
Supply and competition dynamics
The main existing factors of influence and their impact

The Infrastructure:
Infrastructure for electric vehicles
The architecture of human environment infrastructure and sustainable transport
Expanding the coverage of infrastructure
Rapid growth of charging facilities network
Service and spare parts. Existing state and experience of creating service facilities
Big retail networks and charging facilities

The Business environment and Legal framework:
State policy in electric mobility
Legal framework
Taxation and customs policy
Widespread national promotions of the benefits of sustainable transport in Central Europe
Governmental support of EV users, producers and investors

The Best practices and examples of success:
Experience, innovations and investments
Real examples of application
Development of exploitation of electric vehicles in commercial activity and municipal services, as a one of possible keys to solving the range of modern problems
Economic and environmental impact
Sustainable and smart city

The Technology:
Research and Development. Applied scientific achievements.
OEM (parts, assembling). Service and spare parts.
Engineering and manufacturing.
The conversion onto electric drive.
Technical requirements for charging individual vehicles, public city and intercity transport, cargo and special electric transport
Software and ICT solutions

The Climate change and Sustainability:
Changing the behavior of the people due to climate change
Changing the policy due to climate change
Solidarity of sustainability policy globally
The ways and the best practices of making changes