Membership and Partnership. Why to join?

EVIM International Development Project is an ecosystem aimed to accelerate successful sustainable businesses. The people and businesses of tomorrow are doing their best to get the system changes today. EVIM connects them and helps them to succeed.

What is EVIM Community?

About EVIM Community

Our Mission, Vision and Values

What are the benefits?

EVIM community:

  • creates an unbeatable industrial awareness and interdisciplinary knowledge in smart and sustainable infrastructure, energy, transport sectors
  • brings new opportunities from communication and cooperation with forward thinking like-minded professionals
  • accelerates new markets, nurtures disruptive innovations, creates key links, brings essential investments to grow additional value in really sustainable businesses
  • is a quick way to promote and absorb new ideas, solutions and best practices
  • saves time and costs for development of new projects and penetrating new markets and geographical areas for businesses and nonprofit initiatives
  • is an opportunity to express and share your expert opinion, joining specialized expert boards for resolving the dedicated infrastructural and environmental issues
  • creates your personal and corporate positive impact for environment and economy on the from improvement of life quality of local communities to national and global scales, contributing achievement of sustainable development goals is an opportunity to express and share your expert opinion, joining specialized expert boards for resolving the dedicated infrastructural and environmental issues

Why to join as a partner or contribute?

  • is an opportunity of discounted or free of charge participation in all EVIM events internationally
  • opens you the opportunity to communicate to all EVIM community members and EVIM audience, connect your live or online event and educational project
  • it delivers in-depth awareness on the industry insights and an opportunity to be in one of the centers of important changes
  • getting to be visible with your brand or personal expertise in sustainable infrastructure development sector in one of the industry’s best ways becoming a EVIM supporting partner

What are the ways to be involved?

Get connected as an EVIM community member becoming:

  • a free member by simple registration on our website to get news, free learning resources, free webinars, offers with discounts and incentives from EVIM and EVIM partners. For any questions, please email
  • an EVIM Ambassador expanding the EVIM community to your country, city or area
  • an individual supporting partner to get insides and emphasize your industrial expertise (request
    • or contributing as a member of one of the specialized expert board or committee, speaker or session moderator
    • or joining paid with an expert membership package to support our activity
  • a corporate supporting partner to get all the benefits of EVIM International Development Project and EVIM community and to be highlighted among competitors (request
    • or contributing with your facility, activity, services or products to EVIM community or EVIM International Development Project
    • or providing EVIM community with any valuable professional information, content or data
    • or joining paid with a corporate membership package to support our activity
  • a non-profit or institutional partner connecting EVIM with your institution, NGO or international organization as an institutional partner, think tank or informational supporting partner, on the permanent basis, promoting your organization to the community and summit audience (request
  • a partner city or region getting all the benefits of EVIM to develop, discuss and implement sustainable infrastructure changes in your city or area in the best way possible with expert crowdsourcing potential (request
  • a partner association to provide your members with additional benefits and discounts for the summit participation, promoting your association to the community and summit audience (request
  • an educational partner as universities, schools and educational projects to delivers expertise of EVIM members and partners to your students (request
  • a scientific partner to connect your research fellows and EVIM audience getting the dialogue, presenting your latest research results and, promoting your education institution to the community and summit audience (request
  • a media partner of EVIM International Development Project, on the permanent basis, getting started now:, promoting your media to the the community and summit audience
  • a sponsor of the entire EVIM International Development Project, as also definite EVIM events, projects and programs, partner events, cultural and development initiatives (request

Please, note:

We appreciate kind cooperation with everyone who shares our mission and goals and we are not supporting any specific political parties and organizations. This way partnership with any political movements is not possible.