Become an EVIM Ambassador

Do you care of climate and interested to represent EVIM international community in your country or area staying just at the center of all the things are happening?

If you are an active forward thinking person involved in one of the industry from sustainability sector, passionate with idea of smart and sustainable infrastructure that is accessible for everyone and are perfectly aware of sustainable development goals (SDG), you’re welcome to become an EVIM ambassador in your area!

Be an influencer by bringing people, businesses and NGOs, public institutions and municipalities together, coordinating activities of EVIM community in your country or city, grow membership and partnership attract sponsors, realize EVIM project and programs, organize EVIM events and summits, support the events of EVIM partners.

Connect with a number of amazing people igniting, supporting or managing of good development initiatives, projects and programs, educational activities and art flash-mobs.

Apply, get approval and start just now!

Please send a request with your story or CV, motivation, links to your website and social pages, some notable achievements:

Note: Ambassadors are always interviewed personally and are not approved automatically. We also may invite a person to become an ambassador ourselves by our own idea and initiative.

Who usually are EVIM Ambassadors?

EVIM Ambassadors are people mostly involved in renewable energy and e-mobility, digital and sustainable infrastructure, sustainable architecture, urban planning and accessibility, including:

  • Consulting professionals and experts
  • Entrepreneurs
  • NGO activists
  • Journalists and bloggers
  • Cultural activists
  • Environmental and climate activists
  • Scientists and educational professionals, public science
  • Artists and art managers
  • Young leaders and students

Who will never be EVIM Ambassadors?

  • persons who has legal restrictions as public servants or political figures
  • people who don’t care of environment, life, biodiversity and climate, promoting things far from Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and human rights or even opposite ones
  • people who are trying to use EVIM to grow their popularity, doing nothing and don’t care of the positive impact
  • people with bad or doubtful reputation, activities or intentionsEVIM Ambassador – coordinate, grow and connect EVIM community in your area.

Become EVIM Youth Ambassador – organize one day EVIM Youth Program multilocational programs of motivational speeches in universities and cultural platforms of your city with key influencing people invited.

Become EVIM Art Project Ambassador – organize bright art gatherings, workshops and flash mobs to get real cultural changes with power of art and creativity.To the letter while negotiating

What EVIM Ambassador gets?

  • perfect awareness of the industry and market
  • key contacts
  • benefits from the representing of an international development project with a clear mission, impact and achievements, strong brand and global connections
  • own personal brand awareness
  • improvement positions of your organization, company or institution
  • growing own authority among professional people and businesses, from sharing own vision and expert opinion among the audience

Note: EVIM Ambassadorship is based on a non-profit voluntary cooperation, based on mutual benefits, and there’s no regular salary or compensation provided.