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EVIM is a connection point of the international community of innovation professionals and sustainable businesses who are updating our reality and creating now the future of sustainable city and architecture, energy, mobility and infrastructure without borders contributing to get positive impact globally.

EVIM is an international development project, a globally connected communication program and the network of meetings and events, educational and cultural projects from EVIM community and partners.

EVIM creates the ecosystem bringing together leaders of thoughts developing concepts and policies, solutions and today’s business practices, non-profit initiatives of social entrepreneurs and their supporters, communities and media by their common interactive communication in conferences, summits, peer-to-peer meetings, live and online discussions, expert panels, study workgroups and webinars to help sustainable innovative businesses, public and private non-profit initiatives accelerate their common successful growth creating new value in sustainable development sector.

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Updating reality:

City. Architecture. Energy. Mobility. Infrastructure… Connected!